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Read Along with Me - The Island Hunters, Book Club Dual Pack
Retail $51.94
Our Price: $39.99
Savings: $11.95
The Backyard Pirate Adventure - Book Club FOUR PACK
Retail Price $62.94
Our Price: $49.96
Savings: $12.98
Read Aloud with The Island Hunters - Book Club Special!
Retail $96.91
Our Price: $79.99
Savings: $16.92

Join in on The Island Hunters' story with this Read Along Bundle!

It all begins on one small island and with one little book! Introduce your young readers to an exciting read-along adventure with The Backyard Pirate Adventure (138 pages) gift packed for your little one to follow along with the first story. While you read The Island Hunters novel Part I (430 pages), which as a bonus contains Books II & III in the continuing novels.

J.B. Hunter and his brothers grew up with stories of a family home on an island in the Caribbean. They heard tales of a Great Grandfather with a mysterious abode that lay hidden there in an uninhabited part of the country. A haven for West Indian slaves, there was said to be a fortress deep within those mountains...

The legends and lore of Africa come to life for one American family that finds themselves on a historical journey in the company of pirates, on the run from a secret society, escaping wild creatures, unlocking mysterious clues and discovering the path to an ancient treasure.