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The Island Hunters - Book I, Paperback Edition
List Price: $14.99
BookCon price $9.99
Savings: $5.00
The Island Hunters - Volume I: A Pirate, a Robber & a Legend, 430 pgs
Amazon price $36.95
Bookcon price $19.95
Savings: $17.00
The Island Hunters - 3 Book Boxed Set
List Price: $49.99
BookCon price $29.99
Savings: $20.00

J.B. Hunter and his brothers grew up with stories of a family home on an island in the Caribbean. They heard tales of a Great Grandfather with a mysterious abode that lay hidden there in an uninhabited part of the country... Read the first book in the exciting pirate adventure series, The Island Hunters!

The legends and lore of Africa come to life for one American family that finds themselves on a historical journey in the company of pirates, on the run from a secret society, escaping wild creatures, unlocking mysterious clues and discovering the path to an ancient treasure.

The Order has arisen, The Island Hunters must return...- This Boxed Edition is Part I in the exciting series - The Island Hunters - that journeys with one family into the secrets of their African past.